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Ensemble3 sp. z o.o.

01-919  Warsaw
133 Wólczyńska St.

NIP 1182211096

KRS 0000858669 

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What day of the week is the best for moving?

23 February 2023

In our case, the whole week is a good day because that's the week we move into our newly renovated offices and labs. That's more than 1,500 square feet of modern space created with our employees and guests in mind.


The offices, coworking spaces, halls and labs are equipped with specialized equipment for crystal growth, materials technology development and optoelectronics, as well as infrastructure for optical characterization of materials, nanotechnology, molecular biology and biotechnology.


The laboratories are air-conditioned and shielded from external interference and have a closed cooling water circuit. All equipment is situated on anti-shock foundations, which meets global standards and fulfills the requirements for modern laboratories of this type.

And our new offices are functional and ... colorful! We deal with light-based technologies here, so we please our eyes with all the colors that have appeared in our spaces.


Our address does not change, we still work in the premises of the Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics (Łukasiewicz-IMIF) at 133 Wólczyńska Street in Warsaw, only the building where our new labs and offices are located changes. From now on you can find us in Building 8 (here we have an office, coworking spaces and laboratories: Oxide Single Crystals Laboratory, Materials characterization Laboratory and Functional Materials Laboratory) and Building 5 (here we have the A3B5 Compound Semiconductors Laboratory).


When will we be able to welcome you?

We hope soon, and invite you to join us today for a photo report on the first days of our move.