Emil Tymicki

Dr. Emil Tymicki

Head of Laboratory

PhD in technical sciences in the field of materials engineering. Years of experience in R&D works and in managerial position. Experience in EU projects and obtaining grants. Huge experience in obtaining crystalline functional materials.


The Functional Materials Laboratory carries out basic and applied research for the production of novel crystalline materials for optoelectronics.


We use various techniques including the micro-pulling-down method, the Czochralski method, the physical vapor depositon and other techniques.  We also develop the growth technologies of 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC.


Laboratorium Materiałów Funkcjonalnych
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Ensemble3 sp. z o.o.

01-919  Warsaw
133 Wólczyńska St.

NIP 1182211096

KRS 0000858669 


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Functional Materials