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Ensemble3 sp. z o.o.

01-919  Warsaw
133 Wólczyńska St.

NIP 1182211096

KRS 0000858669 



Based on our unique multicomponent materials we offer solutions for a wide range of application including efficient energy conversation, high band-width optical communication, non-invasive medical diagnostics.

ENSEMBLE³ Centre of Excellence located in Warsaw, Poland builds on the pioneering work of Prof. Czochralski and following world-leading expertise. Concept of the Centre has been created jointly by the following renowned institutions from Poland, Germany, Italy, and Spain: the Łukasiewicz Research Network Institute of Electronic Materials Technology and the University of Warsaw (Poland), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), and the Nanoscience Research Center nanoGUNE(Spain).


Based on unique expertise, materials, and apparatus we offer:


  • joint research and development in the field of novel materials for photonics

  • crystalline materials technology development

  • on-demand designed materials including crystal boules, wafers, fibres, and elements

  • material characterization


Examples of our novel materials and technology include high-yeild plasmon-enhanced up-conversion materials for photovoltaic cells, non-invasive cancer detectors based on gallery mode resonators, novel topological insulators, heterostructure for spintronics, plasmonics, and quantum dots based new materials for laser diodes, light emitting devices, optical amplifiers, detectors of high energy radiation especially for high-tech medical imaging instruments, laser materials (active media, nonlinear absorbers) and others.


ENSEMBLE³ develops novel technologies and materials including basic research, applied research, and research on-demand as well as offers crystal boules, wafers, fibres, and elements.

Crystal Growth

ENSEMBLE³  gathers the expertise, know-how, and facilities in the field of crystal growth of single crystals of oxides, fluorides, III-V semiconducting compounds, SiC, and organic materials. The available growth methods include Czochralski, Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski, floating zone, micro-pulling down and others.

Material Design

We are constantly searching for new ideas. Therefore, we offer highly novel materials such as topological insulators, scintillators, plasmonic materials, metamaterials, micro/nano structured eutectic crystalline materials, composites made of dielectric matrices (glass, crystal) with embedded various species as metallic/plasmonic nanoparticles, quantum dots, rare earths.


Our Centre is a place fostering innovation and international collaboration by providing infrastructure and know-how for both young and advanced researchers with pioneering ideas.