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Ensemble3 sp. z o.o.

01-919  Warsaw
133 Wólczyńska St.

NIP 1182211096

KRS 0000858669 

Małgorzata Mroczkowska-Żyła

Independent Sales Position 


The duties of an employee employed in an independent sales position include conducting matters related to the company's side business, including monitoring the market, developing offers, preparing contracts with customers and coordinating their implementation.

Małgorzata Żyła - Mroczkowska

Marek Opaliński

Radca prawny/Attorney-at-law

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and of the Postgraduate Studies for Sworn Translators at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. He has many years of experience in providing ongoing, comprehensive legal services to individuals and companies. Since 2017 he has been registered as a legal advisor in the list of legal advisors maintained by the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw 

At ENSEMBLE³ sp. z o.o., she provides legal advice, prepares legal opinions on matters related to the company's business activities, acts as an advocate before offices and courts, and coordinates cooperation with external entities providing legal services to the company.

Marek Opaliński

Mirosław Marek

Director of Strategy 

The main tasks of the Director of Strategy include:

  • coordination of the Company's activities with respect to acquiring external funds for its operations,
  • ensuring that the Company's activities financed with the funds are carried out in accordance with the provisions of law and the provisions of the agreements under which the Company received these funds,
  • developing and coordinating the implementation of projects aimed at securing conventional and unconventional sources of financing for the Company's operations,
  • coordination of work on the Company's long-term strategic plans and reports on their implementation,
  • coordination of the Company's activities in the field of commercialization of the results of its scientific research and development work,
  • initiating and coordinating activities aimed at creating a favourable legal and institutional environment for the Company's operations,
  • coordination of the Company's public relations activities.


The Director of Strategy is the direct supervisor of the Project Management and Implementation Team staff.

Mirosław Marek

Project Management and Implementation Team


Dariusz Włodarczyk

Dariusz Włodarczyk

Director of Operations and Finance 

The core tasks of the Director of Operations and Finance include:

  • providing the Company with: material and IT resources necessary for its operation, administrative, HR and payroll services,
  • conducting economic and financial affairs of the Company, including coordination of activities in the field of accounting for external funds allocated for its activities,
  • implementation and supervision of the maintenance of management systems in the Company,
  • coordination of activities concerning the preparation and handling of the meetings of the Shareholders' Meeting, Supervisory Board and Management Board.


The Director of Operations and Finance is the direct supervisor of the Organizational Team staff.

Waldemar Giersz

Waldemar Giersz

Director of Development and Infrastructure 
Prokurent/Company’s Proxy

The main tasks of the director of development and infrastructure include:

  • supervision over the maintenance and operation of research equipment used by the Company, including ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations,
  • drawing up plans for the development of the infrastructure and initiating procedures for the acquisition of such infrastructure,
  • managing business activities performed by the Company as a side activity and determining the directions of its development,
  • supporting the President of the Management Board in performing the tasks specified in the Code of Commercial Companies, within the scope resulting from the granted proxy


The Director of Development and Infrastructure is the direct supervisor of:

  • laboratory managers,
  • an employee employed in an independent sales position.

President of the Management


President's Office


Research Groups

Individual Scientists


Project Management and Implementation Team

Organization Team

Independent Position for Legal Matters

Independent Sales Position

The duties of the Project Management and Implementation Team include:

  • systematic gathering and updating information on available external sources of financing of the Company's activities,
  • disseminating the information referred to in point 1 in the Company and supporting employees of the research department in selecting optimal sources of financing,
  • preparing, in cooperation with employees of the research division, documents used to obtain external financing for the Company's activities,
  • coordination of the implementation of projects financed with external funds, including:
  • developing and updating project implementation procedures,
  • developing proposals for the detailed division of tasks in the project between individual organizational units,
  • systematic assessment of the compliance of project implementation with the adopted schedules,
  • monitoring the physical and financial progress of the projects, including by measuring the values of the required indicators,
  • planning project budgets and monitoring their execution,
  • assessing the eligibility of expenses incurred under the projects,
  • preparation of factual and other required cross-sectional reports on project performance, except financial reports,
  • developing requests for project changes,
  • maintaining ongoing working relationships with funding providers,
  • ensuring that information and publicity requirements are met,
  • coordination of the Company's activities related to the project implementation inspections carried out by authorized institutions,
  • drafting of the Company's long-term strategic plans and reports on their implementation,
  • conducting activities related to the commercialization of technologies developed as part of research work conducted by the Company, including support for the creation and development of spin-off and start-up companies and stimulating the development of the Company's consulting activities,
  • ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights created within the Company or acquired by the Company,
  • coordination of information and promotional activities carried out by the Company, including the organization of promotional events, conducting matters related to the Company's participation in fairs and exhibitions, as well as active promotion of technologies developed by the Company among entities potentially interested in their implementation,
  • maintaining the Company's website.
  • supporting research workers in the preparation of publications,
  • coordination of the Company's cooperation with scientific journals and publishers,
  • organization of undertakings for the exchange of scientific knowledge in areas related to the Company's research work, as well as participation of the Company's employees in such undertakings carried out by other entities,
  • managing matters related to the Company's participation in international and domestic scientific, scientific and industrial cooperation networks, as well as initiating the creation of such networks,
  • conducting matters related to the education of doctoral and undergraduate students at the Company,
  • conducting matters related to ethics and safety of scientific research conducted by the Company,
  • managing matters related to the implementation of the design thinking methodology in the Company.

The duties of the Organization Team include:

  • running the Company’s Secretary office,
  • conducting employee affairs, including:
  • organization of formal matters related to hiring employees,
  • cooperation with an external provider of HR and payroll services in the preparation of payroll and social security settlements,
  • maintaining the Company's employee personnel files and time record documentation,
  • cooperation with an external supplier as part of occupational health and safety,
  • issuance of referrals for preliminary, periodic and control occupational medicine examinations, control of timeliness of examinations,
  • organizing training for employees, excluding the scientific research area,
  • initiating and implementing actions to ensure equal treatment of all employees,
  • conducting matters related to the financial and accounting services of the Company, including:
  • maintaining records of property used by the Company,
  • cooperation with the accounting office in the field of accounting records and settlements of taxes and social security, control of tax authorities and Social Security,
  • preparation, in cooperation with the accounting office, of draft financial statements and Management Board reports on the Company's operations as well as cooperation with the certified auditor,
  • servicing bank accounts and settling the Company's liabilities,
  • issuance of invoices and other accounting documents and collection of receivables,
  • preparation of project financial reports and payment applications,
  • drafting annual material and financial plans for the Company and reports on their implementation,
  • preparation of reports on representation expenses, expenses for legal services, marketing services, public relations and social communication services, and management consulting services,
  • management of lease agreements and maintenance of premises,
  • coordinating the award of contracts for goods and services by the Company, including conducting procurement procedures, keeping a register of awarded contracts and storing original contracts,
  • providing administrative and office services,
  • maintaining management systems in the Company, including keeping a register of the orders of the President of the Management Board and storing their originals,
  • organizational support for the Shareholders' Meeting, the Supervisory Board and the Management Board, including the storage of original documents produced or approved by these bodies,
  • providing IT resources, including purchasing hardware and software, and providing help desk services,
  • ensuring proper flow of information within the Company,
  • maintaining the company archives.
Prof. Dorota A. Pawlak

Professor Dorota Anna Pawlak (DAP)

President of the Management Board

The President of the Management Board exercises the powers specified in the Act of 15 September 2000 - Code of Commercial Companies (Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 94, item 1037, as amended), the Articles of Association and  Organizational Regulations of the Company , and also acts as the head of the Functional Materials Technology Research Group. 


The President of the Management Board is the direct supervisor of: