Aleksandra Mirowska

The Laboratory of AIIIBV Compounds Semiconductors has 40 years of expertise in the growth technology of AIIIBV materials. In this field we carry: 


  • research and development of single crystals and alloys manufacturing methods, 
  • investigation of semiconducting materials properties (electrical, structural, optical) and purity as well,
  • small scale production of electronic materials such as AIIIBV compounds (GaAs, InAs, GaP, InP, GaSb, InSb ) and other special alloys of very high purity (made on customer's request).
  • development of manufacturing methods and measurement for thermoelectric materials, topological insulators and materials for spintronics


Our high purity and high quality materials meet the world standards. 
We have developed synthesis, single crystals growth, processing and characterization of: GaAs, InAs, GaP, InP, GaSb, InSb.  Based on our specialists and facilities we offer the services in the field of developing crystal growth technology (know-how).



Aleksandra Mirowska

Head of Laboratory

Experienced in many research projects thematically related to AIIIBV materials, huge experience in obtaining AIIIBV crystals, experience in a managerial position.


III-V Compound Semiconductors Laboratory
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III-V Compound Semiconductors