Jarosław Kisielewski
Oxide Single Crystals

Jarosław Kisielewski

Head of Laboratory


Monocrystallization of Oxide Materials Laboratory is a hall equipped with air conditioning and shielded from external interference. The electricity supply is provided by 2 voltage stabilization systems (UPS). The laboratory has a closed cooling water circuit with a constant temperature.


All equipment is situated on anti-shock foundations. Such a condition corresponds to global standards and meets the requirements for modern laboratories of this type. The laboratory facilities include modern air-conditioned rooms equipped with fume hoods, anti-vibration tables, workstations for weighing, mixing and synthesizing materials from which crystals are obtained by various methods for use in laser technology, i.e. active materials, including femtosecond lasers, non-linear materials for the generation of higher harmonics and materials for passive modulation of q factor of lasers.


Research is being conducted on substrate materials for blue lasers, Faraday effect materials, substrate materials for high-temperature superconducting layers (HTSc). Other materials being obtained are scintillation crystals. The above crystals are obtained using the Czochralski method. Monocrystalline, eutectic fibres, self-organizing materials obtained by the micro-drawing method (µPD) allow to obtain materials with new properties not previously encountered.


Research on the crystallization of silicon carbide by the gas-phase method allows to obtain a semiconductor material for the construction of high-power devices.

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