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VSP-300 Potentiostat 

04 July 2023

Take a look at more snapshots from last week's assembly work 🚀 - lots of new equipment has arrived in our labs 🔬.
Our lab now has the VSP-300 Potentiostat 🧪 , a compact and versatile multi-channel electrochemical workstation. , developed by Bio-logic.

With its 6 channels, it is perfect for group work and can be connected to a LAN so that multiple users can control it independently. The VSP-300 performs various measurements, such as cyclic voltammetry and ion/electron conductivity, making it ideal for battery charge/discharge testing.

Its simultaneous measurement capability enables efficient data collection, while its modular design and ultra-low current cables allow for flexible experimentation. The VSP-300 is the most compact multi-channel electrochemical workstation with EIS, saving valuable lab space.

Stay tuned as Keiichiro Maegawa, who recently arrived in Warsaw to join the Next-Generation Energy Group led by Prof. Atsushi Nagai, explores the capabilities of the SP-300 Potentiostat!