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VII Optoelectronics Conference - "Optoelectronics as a key technology for security in the new reality

19 November 2022

We are pleased that this year we were able to participate in the 7th edition of the Optoelectronics Conference, organised by PCO S.A. in cooperation with the Military Technical University, the Employers' Association of the Polish Photonics Technology Platform and the Warsaw University of Technology. The conference is an annual meeting of all players in defence and security optoelectronics in Poland - the military, industry and academia.


During the event, experts from universities, research institutes, and representatives of the photonics industry and uniformed services shared their experiences. The main topics discussed during the panel discussions and presentations were the various civilian and military applications of photonics technology, the role of optoelectronics in the new reality and its challenges, and the development and future of photonics.


Panel discussion - Opening "The role of optoelectronics in the new reality"


Panel discussion "Multidimensional battlefield and observation systems"


Prof. Dorota A. Pawlak, Chairwoman of the Board of ENSEMBLE³


Prof. Dorota A. Pawlak, Chairwoman of the Board of ENSEMBLE³


Alicja Zarzycka, Chief Designer of PCO S.A

Krzysztof Lustofin, Director of the Research and Development Centre of Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów S.A.


Krzysztof Sola - Vice Chairman of the Management Board of PGZ S.A.

Maciej J. Nowakowski, Director of Operations in Polish Technological Platform on Photonics


Marek Borejko, Director of the Project Office for Air Defence and Missile Defence of PGZ S.A.


Witold Słowik, Chairman of the Management Board of PCO S.A.


 Col. Prof. Przemysław Wachulak, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng. Commandant-Rector of the Military University of Technology