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VI Polish Symposium „Energetyka na skalę XXI wieku – współczesne rozwiązania i przyszłość branży energetycznej”

14 March 2022

The sign of modern times is the development of civilization on an unprecedented scale, and thus the growing demand for ever greater amounts of energy. In opposition, we also have to deal with many negative effects of this development on a global scale, such as depletion of natural resources, pollution of the atmosphere and the ecosystem of our planet. Energy is one of those areas where the needs are becoming ever greater, and meeting them in their traditional form causes a number of negative consequences. To avoid this, international regulations aim to change the sources of energy - reducing the use of fossil fuels, while increasing the share of renewable energy. This trend certainly counteracts many of the current problems caused by the overexploitation of fossil fuels. However, the question arises - what negative effects can this change have on people and our environment? Certainly, these issues, as well as many others, will be addressed during the upcoming Symposium.

The aim of the event is a thorough scientific discussion and exchange of knowledge between experts, which will allow for a comprehensive approach to the topic of energy. We are convinced that the Symposium will allow to establish and strengthen cooperation in order to jointly meet the upcoming challenges and expectations. The event is addressed to all people professionally related to the energy sector, especially researchers, doctoral students, students, employees of research and implementation departments, as well as managers and coordinators of energy projects, representatives of companies and enthusiasts.

During the event issues concerning both conventional and alternative sources of energy will be discussed. The subject of attention will be all kinds of fuels (heating, nuclear, alternative, biomass) and renewable sources such as geothermal energy, solar, wind and water energy. Another problem addressed during the Symposium will be the issues of energy storage and transportation, waste disposal and other aspects of the energy industry related to ensuring the safety of people and the environment.

The scope of the Symposium:

  • energy conversion,
  • energy storage and transport,
  • environmental protection and energy waste management,
  • innovative solutions in the power industry (installations, machinery, processes),
  • energy policy of Poland, Europe and the world,
  • energy security.


We cordially invite you to the 6th All-Poland Energy Symposium "Power Engineering on a XXI Century Scale - Contemporary Solutions and the Future of the Energy Sector".


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