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Valentine's Day in E3

14 February 2024

❤️ On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we'll share what we hold deep in our hearts.


It's, of course, a love for science!


In the picture, we love to share, you can see our heartshaped eutectic obtained through the Micro Pulling Down (MPD) method.

Eutectic itself is a mixture of two or more phases with a specific composition, separating from liquid solutions at a particular temperature known as the eutectic temperature. At this temperature, the solidification of both phases occurs simultaneously, leading to the formation of a eutectic multi-component structure.


What does this have to do with Valentine's Day?

 Eutectic can be likened to an ideal relationship between two individuals, where the components - like two (often different) units creating the eutectic - cooperate perfectly, forming a harmonious whole.


To all researchers, we wish eutectic relationships (not just in science)!