The device provides the facilities to sputtering monolayer and multilayer coatings which can be used as electrical or thermal contacts, insulating layers, anti-reflective, reflective or dichroic optical layers. The thickness of the sputtered layers is 1-1000 nm. It is possible to use a substrate with a size from 5 x 5 mm to 150 x 150 mm and a thickness from 0.1 mm to 10 mm. The vacuum atomiser is equipped with the following systems: cryogenic pumping with working vacuum of 5x10-7 hPa, sputtering with six crucible electron gun, sputtering of two resistive sources, heating of substrates, cleaning the substrates with a low energy ion gun, reversing of substrates (double-sided dusting in one vacuum process), computer control of pumping, cleaning, heating and dusting processes.


27 August 2022

Vacuum duster INEGRITY 29, Denton Vacuum (Ł-ITME)

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01-919  Warsaw
133 Wólczyńska St. 


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