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UVISEL 2 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, HORIBA (Ł-IMiF)

27 August 2022
The UVISEL 2 spectroscopic ellipsometer, manufactured by HORIBA (Jobin Yvon), covers a wide spectral range from UV to NIR (190-2100 nm or 0.6-6.5 eV) using a 150 W xenon light source. The ellipsometer has a 200 mm square XYZ stage with a camera for real-time sample vision and a laser system for sample tilt alignment. The angle of incidence can be varied from 35 to 90 degrees, which allows reflection and transmission measurements. Eight different light spot sizes are available. Reflected light is detected with a photomultiplier in the UV-Visible range or with a semiconductor (InGaAs) detector in the NIR range. All the ellipsometer mechanisms are controlled by DeltaPsi 2 PC software used for acquisition, data manipulation, modeling, and automated report generation. 

This instrument can be used to assess layer thickness, uniformity, optical constants (n, k), roughness, reflectance and transmittance. Automated mapping of these properties across the sample surface can be realized.