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UV-Visible-NIR Microspectrophotometer CRAIC

27 August 2022
The microspectrophotometer enables acquisition of spectra with extremely small sample areas non-destructively. Measurements can be made while light is transmitted through the sample or reflected from it. The UV-visible-NIR range is especially important for most substances. Microspectro-photometers are widely used in many different fields and are found in both scientific laboratories and production facilities. In the production environment, for example, they are used for quality control of everything from colour masks in flat panel displays to the thicknesses of films on semiconductor integrated circuits. Microspectrometers are used by analytical laboratories to identify and quantify microscopic samples ranging from the microfluidic kinetics, matching fibers or paints by a forensic chemist, the qualification of gems or coal by a geologist, the determination of the color of ink or paint by a process chemist or even the analysis of great works of art by conservators. As such, the spectrometer is a highly flexible instrument with many different applications. 

Our system covers the spectral range 200-1000nm and allows measurement of areas from 750x750 nm to 150x150 µm with two modes (transmission and reflection). Combining this system with a precision heating (-200 to 1500ºC) stage allows observation of temperature-dependent processes (phase transitions, energy activation).

UV-Visible-NIR Microspectrophotometer CRAIC