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Topological Wave Etudes, Prof. Konstantin Bliokh

13 July 2023

📢 Thank you for joining our seminar! 🎉


A big shoutout to Prof. Konstantin Bliokh for his engaging talk on "Topological Wave Etudes." 🌟


Prof. Bliokh explored fascinating wave structures like phase and polarization singularities, Möbius strips, skyrmions, and spatiotemporal vortices. He shared real-world examples from optics, acoustics, matter, and water waves, diving into their connection with wave momentum, spin, and orbital angular momentum. 🌊🌀


We're honored to have Prof. Bliokh as part of our team, contributing his expertise to our research endeavors.


💡🔬A special thanks to all our attendees for making the seminar a success. Your participation and enthusiasm were truly appreciated. Stay tuned for more exciting events and seminars to come! 🌟📚