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The 7th International Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy and Optical Materials

27 December 2021


The 7th International Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy and Optical Materials (IWASOM) starts on Sunday, July 10, 2022, and finishes on Friday, July 15, 2022. The Workshop will be held at the University of Gdańsk in Gdańsk-Oliwa. IWASOM will provide an international forum for exchanging information on advanced spectral methods, optical devices, physics and chemistry of novel optical materials and related applications. The scientific program will consist of key lectures (30 min), invited lectures (30 min), oral (15 min) and poster presentations.

The IWASOM Conference will continue the tradition established by the previous six meetings organized at the University of Gdańsk.




The initiator and chairman of the conference was professor Marek Grinberg. He had dedicated his scientific career to the investigation of optical materials activated with transition metals and lanthanides. He was best known for employing in his research a rare experimental technique – highpressure spectroscopy. His sharp mind and extraordinary personality made him much admired among fellow scientists.

Prof. Marek Grinberg passed away on June 27, 2020. We would like to honor and dedicate the 7th IWASOM conference to him.


  • Nanoscale optical materials and single nano-objects
  • Thin films and low-dimensional systems
  • Optical control and detection of quantum systems
  • Phosphors: recent progress, new materials, and applications
  • Radioluminescence, optically and thermally stimulated luminescence in solids
  • Transition metal and rare earth compounds
  • Hybrid and organic optical materials
  • Novel fluorophores, optical materials, devices for biosensing, biomedical and environmental applications
  • Experimental methods for characterizing optical materials
  • Theory and modeling


IWASOM International Scientific Committee

Local Organizig Committee

Luisa E. Bausa, Spain Marco Bettinelli, Italy Piotr Bojarski, Poland Georges Boulon, France Przemysław Dereń, Poland Marek Godlewski, Poland Jorma Hölsä, Finland Marie-France Joubert, France Nikolaos Gouskos, Greece Andrzej Klonkowski, Poland Igor Kosacki, USA Ru-Shi Liu, Taiwan Sebastian Mahlik, Poland Michał Malinowski, Poland Yuri Malyukin, Ukraine Richard S. Meltzer, USA Renata Reisfeld, Israel Czesław Rudowicz, Poland Hyo Jin Seo, Republic of Korea Lidia Smentek, USA Wiesław Stręk, Poland Andrzej Suchocki, Poland Taiju Tsuboi, Japan Anatolii Voloshinovskii, Ukraine Andrzej Wojtowicz, Poland Sebastian Mahlik (Chair) Marek Krośnicki (Co-chair)Aleksander Kubicki (Co-chair) Andrzej Suchocki (Co-chair)Tadeusz Leśniewski (Secretary) Anna Baran (Co-secretary) Anna Synak (Co-secretary) Justyna BarzowskaMirosław Behrendt Piotr Bojarski Beata Grobelna Natalia Górecka Maciej Grzegorczyk Dawid Jankowski Mikołaj Kamiński Agata Lazarowska Natalia Majewska Michał Mońka Karolina PomianIllia Serdiuk Karol  Szczodrowski


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