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Tensiometer Lauda TD3 (Ł-IMiF)

27 August 2022

The ring/plate method of measuring the surface and interfacial tension of liquids is an established method with future potential: the increasing demand for surface active additives and proof of these in quality control requires fully automated and user-friendly equipment. TD 3 ring/plate tensiometer is a stand-alone device, compact and fully automated. Parameters: Very high resolution (±0.01 mN/m, ±0.1 mg) and measurement stability; automatic maximum detection and maximum scanning; tabular representation of individual measurements; automatic measurement correction (based on Zuidema and Waters); statistical checking of measurement stability; three filter levels for measurements in agitated surroundings; uninterrupted remote operation via a detached operating console; menu-driven input e.g. sample geometry, standard deviation, measurement duration, lift speed; storage of up to 500 measuring results with parameters;  measurement output to optional printer or data transfer to PC via RS 232; numerical, user-defined sample designation.