X-ray universal powder Diffractometer Rigaku SmartLab 3kW with a vertical goniometer and Cu monochromated radiation. The diffractometer is equipped with Rigaku Cross Beam Optic System (CBO) enabling using both divergence beam (Bragg Brentano focusing) or parallel beam without changing configuration and easy mounting of samples. Both scintillation 0D and position sensitive D/tex detectors 1D are available and the ICDD PDF4+  Data Base is installed. The following methods are realized: i) qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of polycrystalline materials; ii) the refinement of structural parameters with the Rietveld method; iii) the evaluation of crystalline size, strains and residual stress; iv) the analysis of textures with the pole figure method; v) high-temperature in-situ measurements – DHS 1100 (from room temperature up to 1100˚C.


27 August 2022

SmartLab 3kW X-ray powder Diffractometers Rigaku (Ł-ITME)

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01-919  Warsaw
133 Wólczyńska St. 


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