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Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer Netzch GmbH

27 August 2022
Any changes inside material are always associated with the exchange (emission or absorption) heat. The study of thermal effects and their quantitative determination in the material depending on temperature changes is one of the basic methods of research in materials science. Our analyzer from Netzsch GmbH is equipped with: thermobalance, calorimeter, two heat sources, dilatometer, and a set of changeable sensors for analysis such as TG, TG-DSC, TG-DTA. This highly-flexible system allows us to undertake thermo-gravimetric studies, differential thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry which can be carried out over a wide temperature range, from room temperature to 2000°C in fixed or dynamic atmospheres: oxidizing, neutral or reducing.  

The thermal analyzer allows us to measure changes in weight; to study the thermal stability; the chemical reactions of decomposition and oxidation; temperature, and enthalpy of phase transitions; to perform thermodynamic calculations; to predict the occurrence and course of chemical reactions; to determine glass transition temperatures; to study crystallization processes; and to study the impact of additives sintering processes.