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Scanning electrochemical microscope

22 April 2024
The scanning electrochemical microscope (SECM)  could examine electrochemistry at high resolution near interfaces. By detecting reactions that occur at a small electrode (the tip) as it is scanned in close proximity to a surface, the SECM can be employed to obtain electrochemical reactivity images of surfaces and to make quantitative measurements of reaction rates. SECM can be used for a wide range of applications, including studies of catalyst, photocatalyst, corrosion, biological systems (e.g., enzymes, skin, leaves), membranes, and liquid/liquid interfaces, and eutectic.
T The model 900D/920D Scanning Electrochemical Microscope consists of a digital function generator, bipotentiostat, high-resolution data acquisition circuitry, three-dimensional nanopositioner, positioner controller, and a sample/cell holder. The 3D nanopositioner has a spatial resolution of nanometers and allows a maximum traveling distance of several centimeters. The potential control range of the bipotentiostat is ±10 V and the current range is ±250 mA. The instrument is capable of measuring current in the picoampere range.
Scanning electrochemical microscope, model 920D, CH Instruments, Inc.