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10 November 2022

The ENSEMBLE³ Centre of Excellence, as a research partner of the University of Warsaw, is pleased to invite you to the next seminar in the "E3 at UW" event series.


The ENSEMBLE³ project is funded by a grant from the EU, of which the official beneficiary is the UW Faculty of Chemistry.


The seminars will provide a closer look at the interdisciplinary research of the Centre, especially in the fields of nanophotonics, advanced materials and novel technologies based on crystal growth.


The speakers will be:


Prof. Oleg Sidletskiy


The Oxide Single Crystals group, led by Prof. Oleg Sidletskiy, is tasked with synthesising and characterising new materials for scintillation and laser applications and developing innovative growth technologies to optimise crystal production costs and facilitate technology transfer to industry.


Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan


Recent developments in solar energy technology have focused on composite and multilayer materials with highly nonlinear optical properties that improve the efficiency of light conversion. The research goal of the Solar Energy Conversion group at ENSEMBLE³ is to develop novel methods for obtaining materials in photoelectrochemistry, photovoltaics, and other energy conversion applications. We have successfully demonstrated the use of eutectic composites to produce hydrogen in water splitting.


We welcome students looking for interesting topics for research papers and researchers interested in collaborations.

We encourage you to pass this message on to potential people interested in our seminar.



WEDNESDAY, 16/11, 13.30 - Room 118 at the Faculty of Chemistry of the UW (Ochota Campus, Ludwika Pasteura 1, 02-093 Warsaw)

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