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08 November 2022

STUDENT - are you looking for a passionate research topic to pursue?
SCIENTIST - do you want to establish collaboration in new areas?


We would like to invite you to the first of a series of seminars in the ENSEMBLE³ Centre of Excellence - one of the three Polish research centres receiving a European Teaming Grant.


The meeting will be hosted by:


prof. Atsushi Nagai

The Next-Generation Energy Group led by prof. dr. Atsushi Nagai should provide the synthesis and characterization of novel porous materials as mainly covalent organic frameworks (COFs) and conjugated microporous polymers (CMPs) and their application of gas storage, battery, and fuel cell performance, in which is next-generation energy system, responsible for solving the environment-related issues that results from the consumptions of fossil fuel over the world.

dr Oleksandr Malyi

The Inverse Materials Design group at ENSEMBLE³, led by Dr. Oleksandr Malyi, is dedicated to developing fundamental knowledge of the properties of materials at the atomic level and their correlation with basic elementary quantities to define so-called inverse design principles. These design principles are used to perform experimental studies and to understand the fundamental physics of materials at the atomic level.


WEDNESDAY, 9/11 at 1:30 p.m. - Room 118 in the UW Chemistry Department Building (Ochota Campus. Ludwika Pasteura Str. 1, 02-093 Warsaw)

Link to the event at FB: