These measurements employ an in-house built photoluminescence system with double grating monochromator HR 460 and lock-in technique. The signal is collected using different photomultipliers and PbS or InGaAs detectors in the spectral range 300nm-3000nm. The setup is equipped with a close-cycle cooling system working down to 4.2K but during laser illumination the lowest available temperature is 10K. Precise calibration of the sample temperature is done by measurements of the full width at half maximum of the free exciton line in silicon. The emission can be excited by monochromatic lines of Argon laser (514.5nm, 488nm, 478nm, 543nm), He-Cd laser (325nm) or the laser diodes (405 and 980nm).


27 August 2022

Photoluminescence Measurements

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