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Photoelectric spectrometer

21 April 2024

Photoelectric Spectrometer serves as a scientific tool to automatically characterize the photoelectric properties of samples illuminated with relatively strong UV, VIS and NIR light as a function of incident wavelength.

Advanced software allows to record photocurrent action maps, photovoltage action maps along with potentiodynamic and galvanodynamic measurements at constant wavelength, both in CW and pulsed mode. Incident Photon to Converted Electron (IPCE) ratio may be evaluated as a function of wavelength and bias potential. The emitted light wavelength, intensity and edge filters handling are controlled via software.

The monochromator is equipped with up to four switchable gratings to uniformly cover a wide range of wavelengths. The Air Mass Filter may be applied at the Xenon lamp output to mimic the solar radiation.


Quantities measured by the instrument:

  • Electric current of the sample (chronoamperometry, CA),
  • Open Circuit Potential (OCP) as a function of light wavelength,
  • Photocurrent of the sample illuminated with white or monochromatic light,
  • I-V characteristics,
  • Light transmittance of the sample (with the Light Calibrator),
  • Light intensity reaching the sample (with the Light Calibrator),
  • Action maps (photocurrent as a function of potential and wavelength),
  • IPCE maps as a function of potential and wavelength