Recent papers by the group:


1. L.Jia, J. Zhu, Y. Boyaryntseva, I. Gersymov, B. Grynyov, O. Sidletskiy, Effect of Carbon Doping on F-Type Defects in YAG and YAG:Ce Crystals, Phys. Status Solidi B 2021, 2100325.

2. Gorbenko, V.; Witkiewicz-Łukaszek, S.; Zorenko, T.; Syrotych, Y.; Mares, J.A.; Kucerkova, R.; Nikl, M.; Sidletskiy, O.; Fedorov, A.; Zorenko, Y. Development of Composite Scintillators Based on the LuAG: Pr Single Crystalline Films and LuAG:Sc Single Crystals. Crystals 2021, 11, 846.

Prof.  Oleg Sidletskiy
Oxide Single Crystals

Prof.  Oleg Sidletskiy

Group Leader


Prof. Sidletskiy has got his PhD Degree in Physics of Molecular and Liquid Crystals in Institute for Single Crystals NAS of Ukraine in 2004, Dr. Eng. (dr. hab.) Degree in Materials Science in 2018, and professor degree in 2020 in Institute for Scintillation materials NAS of Ukraine. His basic research interests include chemistry, physics and technology of crystal growth, development of scintillation materials. He has 124 published papers, reviews and book chapters and over 1100 citations in Scopus database (h=17).




We are looking for POSTDOC at Oxide Crystals group, which we be responsible for:

  • - Development and characterization of oxide materials for scintillation, laser, other applications;
  • - Bringing new ideas to the field;
  • - Disseminating results to the public and scientific communities.


The Oxide Crystals group led by prof. Oleg Sidletskiy should provide a synthesis and characterization of novel materials for scintillation and/or laser applications, and develop innovative growth technologies to reduce crystal production cost and facilitate technology transfer into industry.

Following the ENSEMBLE³  priorities, Oxide crystal group is focused on 2 areas:


2.1. Innovative crystal growth technologies to reduce production cost;

2.2. Novel oxide materials with enhanced performance.



Oxide Single Crystals
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