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New airlock in the Jan Czochralski E3 Laboratory

28 June 2023

☀ June is an incredibly busy month for us. This is not only because of the numerous conferences and trade shows we attend, but also because we are installing 🔬 new equipment in our labs that we ordered earlier this year. It's time to introduce a few of our new devices.


The Jan Czochralski lab is now equipped with a new cleanroom airlock. It is used to maintain proper cleanliness in our scientific research laboratory where we work on new materials used in optics, biophotonics, photoelectrochemistry and solar energy conversion.  🚀


The airlock area is ventilated with filtered air. This creates a barrier 🚧 against airborne contaminants between the cleanroom and the area where workers don their protective clothing. The air shower prevents accidental contamination from accidental or improper opening of the doors. In addition, the ventilation system removes all particles, dusts and fibers from work clothing.