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Materials for a sustainable transition

20 January 2022

This symposium targets to attract novel concepts and breakthrough materials and technologies of storage and conversion of clean energy beyond batteries, solar cells and fuels with zero emissions of greenhouse gasses and a minimal use of rare or toxic materials.



The provision of clean and sustainable energy is a major target and challenge for Europe’s climate ambition. Towards this aim novel concepts and breakthrough techniques with zero emissions of greenhouse gasses and a minimal use of rare or toxic materials are required. Novel solutions for portable uses, in sustainable housing, remote places or in emergency situations that substitute fossil fuels are targeted.

This symposium focusses on breakthroughs in energy storage and conversion that is clean, compact and ultimately low-cost going beyond batteries, solar cells and fuels. Topics of interest could include solar fuels and chemicals, trasforming of atmospheric CO2 and other pollutants, method for efficiently converting waste heat and vibrations into electricity, optically controlled solar energy storage solutions, or novel thin-film technologies for energy storage. We will attract scientists with multidisciplinary research who will present advances in their material’s design, characterization, device fabrication and device performance. Circular design and focus on recyclability is desired.

This symposium is inspired by the FET Proactive call emerging paradigms and communities: Breakthrough zero-emissions energy storage and conversion technologies for carbon-neutrality.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Solar fuels and solar chemicals
  • Solid Oxide Fuel and Electrolysis Cells
  • Recycling of atmospheric CO2 and other pollutants
  • Method for efficiently converting waste heat and vibrations into electricity
  • Optically controlled solar energy storage solutions
  • Novel thin-film technology for energy storage
  • Operando characterization technique applied to energy and sustainability
  • Advanced materials for energy production and storage


Symposium organizers


Catalonia Institute for Energy Research - IREC


Functional Nanosystems

Italian Institute of Technology


University of Ferrara


IMDEA Energy