Recently, in ITME, a furnace with a resistive heater has been especially designed for fabrication of single crystals with low melting temperature (organic materials). The furnace has two independent heating zones, which enable crystallization by the m-PD method in the temperature range from about 40°C to 250°C.  
The heating control system allows establishing the temperature at the crystalization front accurate to 0.1°C. The device consists of a furnace chamber, a power supply and temperature control systems. The two heating zones of the furnace are for (i) the crucible heating, and (ii) the heating of the shaper at the bottom of the crucible. The heaters are made of kanthal wire. The zones are controlled and programmed independently. The temperature control is realized by two Cu-CuNi thermocouples. The control system is provided by EUROTHERM 3504 programmers.  
They are advanced systems, which allow controlling of the process with a great accuracy and with automatic data acquisition. The furnace design allows growth processes to occur in an inert gas atmosphere (for example nitrogen or argon gas). The automatic pulling down mechanism can be adapted from another m-PD device.


27 August 2022

In-House built micro-pulling down apparatus for low melting materials

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