This is an apparatus designed and manufactured in ITME for manufacturing thin layers of eutectic composites. The novel method is based on heating the mixture with a eutectic composition at the lowest eutectic temperature and then cooling at a rate that allows the optimal crystallization. The device allows receiving layers with homogeneous micro/nanostructure as well as direct use of eutectic structures of metal-dielectric material and dielectric-dielectric material on a substrate (i.e. metallic substrate for photoanodes for water splitting). 

Additionally, the furnace provides a flat crystallization front over a relatively big area and with a vertical temperature gradient. The basic heating elements of the device are two halogen radiators, closed in by aluminium elliptical mirrors. One radiator is placed above and the second below the material for the crystallization. Using the light to heat the material allows generation of very high temperatures (1500°C) within about 20 seconds and, during the cooling process, provides a high vertical temperature gradient by rapidly cutting of the light source. The vacuum-tight chamber enables control of an appropriate atmosphere (neutral, reducing or oxidizing) during the process.


27 August 2022

In house-built Composites Thin Layers Furnace

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