This spectrometer works in spectral range from 25000 cm-1 to 10 cm-1 with resolution up to 0.07 cm-1. Low-temperature measurements up to 4.2 K are available using a liquid helium flow cryostat (Oxford Instruments). The spectrophotometer is equipped with 11o Combined Tansmission and Specular Reflection, Attenuated Total Reflectance and Diffuse Reflectance accessories. This equipment has been interfaced to an IR-Hyperion microscope working in MIR spectral range (10000 cm-1 – 580 cm-1) and equipped with polarizers, which enables us to carry out polarized transmission and reflectance measurements in micron-range area. A liquid helium flow cooling stage attached to the Hyperion enables transmission and reflection measurements at temperatures up to 77K.


27 August 2022

FT-IR Spectrometer VERTEX 80v – Bruker Optic GmbH (Ł-IMiF)

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