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E- MRS 2023 Autumn Conference

20 September 2023

Starting Monday, Warsaw University of Technology is hosting an E- MRS 2023 Autumn Conference 📍, an event that focuses on the latest advances in materials science and provides a platform for collaboration between experts worldwide. The conference features symposia in various fields such as #ICT, #energy, #health and more.


Amidst this enriching environment, our exceptional researchers from the Functional Materials Research Group made their mark.


🔍 Dr. Monika Tomczyk dealt with the topic "Rare earth doped ZnO-ZnWO4 #eutectic composite".

🔍 Dr. Katarzyna Sadecka researched "#AIIIBV eutectic material – manufacturing, properties and applications".

🔍 Dr. Gourmohan Das from our group also showcased his poster ” A Cutting-edge Approach for Advancing Raman Nanoscopy Using #Photonic Nanojet”.

Scroll through our photos🖼️ for glimpses of their presentations and other conference highlights. Stay tuned for more updates from the field!