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DSEC-7 - the Directionally Solidified Eutectics Conference in Istanbul

27 April 2023

The Directionally Solidified Eutectics Conference to be held from


May 23 to May 26, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey.


Since DSEC I, which was held in Paris in 2003, the DSEC conferences have united top scientists whose research activities focus on the study of eutectic systems, including thermodynamic assessments, solidification experiments and models, novel processing strategies, physical properties, etc. These conferences provide a forum for researchers and specialists from universities, research institutions and industry, as well as motivated students, to present their recent findings on the science and technology of eutectics; to exchange knowledge; to share new ideas; and also to forge new collaborations in the theory and application of eutectic systems. This conference will take place in Istanbul. The Istanbul conference will address a wide range of topics that span fundamental science to industrial applications. Given the comprehensive program, DSEC VII is a must for all researchers interested in eutectics.


For more information, visit the event's website at: https://www.dsec7.org