The high sensitivity of the used detector and high spectral resolution (0.05nm) enables measurements of low concentration samples or samples with very weak optical responses in the spectral range 190-900 nm. In the simplest configuration, the device allows examination of the transmission and absorbance spectrum of solids and liquids. With proper set of samples it is possible to define concentrations of the solution curves, suspensions characterization or characterization of slow chemical processes. Equipped with handling accessories such as integrating spheres, it enables collection of diffuse light transmitted or reflected by the sample. In this case, it is possible to characterize solids with very rough surfaces and low reflectivities like ceramics, polycrystals, powder materials or unpolished crystals. Thanks to the information obtained from this type of measurement, absorption bands and energy gaps can be identified in the tested materials.


27 August 2022

Double-beam Spectrophotometers Jasco v650.

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