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A meeting of the leaders of the OPUS 24 project

18 January 2024

A meeting of the leaders of the OPUS 24 project, Dr. Nataliya Babayevska and Prof. Oleg Sidletskiy took place at ENSEMBLE3


The project titled "Heterostructures for ultrafast scintillation detectors" concerns the preparation of two types of scintillators - a heavy scintillator based on Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO) and Bi4Si3O12 (BSO) single crystals and a light and fast scintillator based on ZnO or perovskites. 


Project leader, Professor Oleg Sidletskiy is the head of the Oxide Single Crystals Group, which deals with growing oxide single crystals (especially using the J. Czochralski method). High-quality BGO crystals were already fabricated at Ensemble3.


Dr. Nataliya Babayevska from AMU will provide the synthesis and characterization of ZnO and perovskites. 

During the visit, Dr. Nataliya Babayevska learned about the methods of single crystal fabrication by Oleg Sidletskiy's group. Moreover, Leaders of both partners discussed the ongoing activities, as well as their plans for the future.


OPUS 24 project is financed by the National Science Centre