The HMS-5500 Hall Effect Measurement Systems plot concentration versus temperature, mobility versus temperature, resistivity versus temperature, conductivity versus temperature, and Hall coefficient versus temperature. The system provides test results as tabular data as well as in graph form. The user defines the desired temperature steps within the temperature range, fills the two LN2 reservoirs if performing sub ambient testing, and then the system automatically applies and switches the input current, measures voltages, changes in temperature, and manipulates the magnets – all without user intervention. Once the test is finished, the temperature dependent graphs and tabular data are ready for viewing. The magnet movement is motor controlled and automated, variable temperature capability, and powerful analysis software. The systems ramp to each user defined temperature, stabilize, makes the measurement (including moving the magnet automatically), and then plots the various temperature dependent on material electrical properties.


27 August 2022

HMS-5500 Hall Effect Measurement Systems, Ecopia (Ł-ITME)

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01-919  Warsaw
133 Wólczyńska St. 


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